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Ommm... ¡Las yoguis que triunfan en Instagram y que necesitas conocer ya!

Sus posturas son dignas de una acróbata, y aunque no las consigas a la primera o a la segunda... ¡al menos puedes inspirarte!

Aránzazu Díaz Huerta 30/11/2017

La yogui Amanda Bisk

Con la sociedad en que vivimos hoy en día, las prisas, la hiperconectividad y todo el estrés que ello genera, es comprensible que una práctica como el yoga se haya puesto de moda. Y por supuesto, las redes sociales se han hecho eco de la tendencia más healthy. Vete preparando la esterilla y el incienso, ¡porque estas a punto de conocer a las gurús del yoga instagramero!


Amanda Bisk

Además de tener un cuerpo que es pura fibra y conseguir unas posturas imposibles, lo más entrañable de la cuenta de esta profesora de yoga australiana son los entrenamientos con sus mascotas. Si no te lo crees, mira...


Sharing some puppy yoga vibes coz I’m currently lounging on the couch feeling sorry for my poor wisdom tooth that got pulled out this afternoon haha Any recovery tips are welcome!! ab♥️x

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Eeee! I’m so excited to be heading over to Sydney this weekend to host Australia’s very first dog wellness event with Purina Beyond!! Fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for their owners, so for this awesome event I’ve designed a very unique fitness routine to benefit both fur parents and their fur balls If you’d like to join us, there are a limited amount of special tickets available check out 'Fitness on 4 Paws' on Eventbrite to get yours and for more information! Can't wait to see you and your pups!! #PurinaBeyond #FitnessOn4Paws ab❤️x . #dogfitness #workout #sydney @purinaaustralia

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This is what yoga with two sausage dogs looks like... haha #dachshundsofinstagram #yoga ab❤️x . PS. This song is on replay like alllllllll day in my house!! #boss Codeine 17 (Ft. Gracelands) - Allday ( @alldaychubbyboy )

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Claudine Lafond

Esto sí que es yoga en familia. Cuando veas a qué nos referimos se te caerá la lagrimilla... Ains, ¡qué bonito!


That #titanic moment x2 ✌ . gear: @aloyoga lens: @actionhiro

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#yogafamily #parenthoodrocks . gear: @aloyoga lens: @actionhiro

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We’re off to Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia to meet a new community, so come along if you're in the area and want to learn how to surf gravity with us! We'll be hosting an @ACROVINYASA workshop on 22 Oct 11am-2pm at @yogavida__ . For more info visit

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Laura Kasperzak

Otra mamá yogui amante de los animales de lo más divertida... ¡Te va a encantar!


I look at this picture and hear @gniehceinalem telling me to lift higher... and me going... I CAN’T!!! 85lb+ on top of me! . Day 9 of the #HeartsOpenForYoga Challenge is any variation of Bow Pose. Make sure to check in with my co-hosts @ktbabieyogini @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga and @monn_cheri. . Being pinned down in @aloyoga.

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Yoga with @thor_theblueharlequin Part 2. Happy Monday! Hope this brings a smile to your face... . PS... We want to see you doing yoga with your pups! Hashtag any pics or videos with #LauraAndThorYoga ❤️ . Being sat on... again... in @aloyoga

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Already missing the afternoon yoga shenanigans with @minilaurasykora. ❤️ . Rocking it out in @aloyoga

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Robin Martin

El arte de las acrobacias tiene nombre y apellidos. ¡Sus fotos son sencillamente impresionantes!


More canyon play! I had to take advantage of this incredible spot and move through a few of my favorite poses. Walking through this slot canyon was an amazing experience. The more I explore, the more I see - the more I want to explore and see. The world is incredible! Wearing rosewater by @aloyoga and blending beautifully with the rocks. Why not spoil yourself a little? @aloyoga is giving you early-access to their Black Friday sale - take 25% off all full-priced items using code: SELFLOVE. Things sell out fast during this sale, so be sure to shop before it’s all gone! #aloyoga #beagoddess #canyon #arizona #antelopecanyon #slotcanyon #earth #magical #yoga #stretch #flexible #strong #play #explore #travel #adventure #love #beautiful #beautifuldestinations

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Ever in awe of the landscape of southern Utah. ❤️ Feeling small next to this, hoodoo - or rock formation But seriously, this was such an incredible spot. A playground resembling something from another planet. Wearing @aloyoga and loving how the color pops against the landscape. Everything you’ve seen me wearing all over Instagram is now on SALE! Just click the link in my bio to see my curated collection of Alo favorites & get an extra 25% off using code: SELFLOVE! #aloyoga #beagoddess #escalante #hoodoo #landscape #balance #breathe #utah #explore #getoutside #yoga #strong #flexible #stretch #asana #namaste #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

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Hollow-backin' with these babes. I love all the colors happening here. Thanks @pocketdwarf and @hayleenymanyoga for making a rainbow (sort of) with me! All three of us are in @aloyoga - my favorite fall colors! #aloyoga #beagoddess #stretch #hollowback #bend #balance #breathe #color #explore #getoutside #travel #play #friendship #friendshipgoals #yoga #austin #texas #heat #fun #beautiful #asana #namaste

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Caitlin Turner

Un yoga que se torna místico y espiritual... ¡Digno de una diosa primigenia!


Feeling like a queen cuz it's my birthday! Cheers to another complete turn around the sun! I have a sneaky feeling that this next year will be the best one yet... . : @kestyoga Glitter magic: @alicetheromanca // @thegypsyshrine

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I used to be afraid of women. So many of them had done me wrong in the past. Growing up, I was backstabbed, shit talked, and everything in between. I had to change schools 4 times, because mean girls chose me as their target, and the whole thing was pretty traumatic. . As a result, I used to avoid women like the plague. The majority of my best friends were men, because men felt safer, more predictable, and thankfully, less catty. . But then I grew up, and I started feeling the void of female friends in my life. Slowly but surely, I decided to trust. Slowly but surely, I let my guard down. Slowly but surely, I started collecting girlfriends, until I had as many female friends as male friends. . Sure, there are still mean girls out there, even now that we’re all adults, but I’m not afraid of them anymore. I find that fear can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more I feared them, the more I attracted them. But then I got to know myself better and love myself more deeply. . The more I practiced this self-love and self-acceptance, the less insults, slights, or purposeful exclusion in group situations, were able to impact me. With my new thicker skin, I was less afraid to put myself out there, less afraid of rejection, and less afraid of making new friends. . Now, rather than being afraid of women, I cherish all of my girlfriends and I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’m even genuinely excited to make more. . In a world that sometimes praises mean girls, don’t be one of them, and don’t be afraid of them, because that just gives them more power. . Instead, lead by example: support and befriend the women around you. Let’s lift each other up and rise together. Who’s with me?! . : new friend @sfreneenyc Playing sirens and mermaids with new friends @aminahtaha and @gabriella.dondero, all wearing @aloyoga.

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I’m a big proponent of testing my boundaries, while respecting my limits. I’m a risk-taker, but in a calculated way. I leap out of my comfort zone often, but I usually look before I leap. I figure, everything in moderation, even moderation. (Couldn’t decide what to write today, so I hope you liked these random facts about me. ‍♀️ ) . : @sfreneenyc for @aloyoga

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